January 19, 2022

Ludacris Is Inspiring New Generation Of Black Young Girls With Netflix Series ‘Karma’s World’ – Video

Ludacris prides himself on being a philanthropist and proud girl dad. Now, the rapper/actor has found a way to incorporate his passion for fatherhood and giving back through his new Netflix series named after his eldest daughter. The Grammy Award-winning emcee is gearing up to entertain the youth through his new animated Netflix series Karma’s World. The kid’s show follows the life of middle-schooler Karma Grant, who has big dreams of making it into the music industry.

His daughter continued her persistence to break into the music business, and a conversation Karma had with her famous dad helped spark the inspiration for his new show. “She was so consistent that one day I had to sit her down and say, ‘if you want to do music, you have to talk about what goes on in your life because that’s what daddy does,’” he recalled. Metro reports that the episodes center around Karma and how she stays true to herself through her music while dealing with new challenges in life and school.

The show, already streaming on Netflix, highlights different encounters his eldest daughter experienced at school. “We started thinking about the stuff that goes on in her life, education, morals, fun, and it just birthed this whole idea,” Ludacris said. Ludacris is excited about the life jewels Karma’s World will teach the youth and leaders of tomorrow.

“What it’s going to do is … help them with their self-confidence and self-empowerment,” he said. “It creates dialogue even afterwards, and that’s the type of dialog we want to have with our kids because it helps them to open up a little bit and ask questions.”



Shy ValorThey should do more research on who’s gospel album has changed the most lives positively and choose them to win.

Abell SeyfuOne doesn’t own emotion, and when one is owned by emotion, it’s a reflection of one’s belief that one owns them

Isabella SifuentesYeo Luda been minding his business and actually workin on something so he could produce quality content. Some artists just be getting big then trying to do everything (acting,fashion,etc.) rather then honing their skills and finally giving the people some QUALITY content.

Chase FireWe COULDN’T WAIT FOR THIS TO COME OUT!!! we were not disappointed!! We Love this show!! Thank you for making it and talking about stuff kids go through! My baby just started kindergarten and this was right on time!!

Fyaah EmpressI feel like imma watch this more than the kids… This exciting. I can’t wait to see all of what Karma gets up to. My baby gal name karma too she’s only 2 but I already know this show gone be a big influence on her!! Love it!!

Kathleen TaylorTruly looking forward to this series and sharing it with many youth. I hope Netflix also captions in so the Deaf and Hard of Hearing kids can enjoy it. Idea….let Karma figure out how to make her music enjoyable by a Deaf neighbor!!!

Source:  blackenterprise.com

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